About RSR

Rude Ska Records is a very small DIY label currently based in Cincinnati, OH. We strive to promote the small bands that we hold dear to our hearts so that the rest of the community sees and hears them the way we do.

We provide any service of which we are capable. And if you or your band desires a service that we can't do, we'll work as hard as we can to find a reasonably priced, good quality third-party to help out. We have friends in many areas of the music business, and they are just as eager to help small bands grow as we at Rude Ska Records are!


Rudie is the driving force behind Rude Ska Records. (His real name is Mike Howles, but he was dubbed Rudie years ago, and people have been calling him that ever since.) He's currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Electronic Media. He lives in Cincinnati, OH and is immersed in the music scene.

Last Updated 2008 November 17
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